MEDVIDA Partners

MEDVIDA Partners is  Spanish life insurance company specialized in the acquisition, integration and optimization of life insurance businesses.

Experience in investment management
Strong focus on risk management
Operationally efficient
Our objective is to generate stable long-term returns and policyholder protection on the insurance policies we manage through our expertise in asset management, risk management, operational efficiency and a robust capital position.

Our history

MEDVIDA Partners started its life insurance business in 1989, underwriting and distributing life insurance business through a Spanish savings bank that was acquired by Banc Sabadell in 2012.

In 2017, it was purchased by a consortium of institutional investors, after which the company became an independent life insurance consolidation business.

In 2022, the company acquired CNP Assurances’ Spanish life insurance company, doubling the size of its balance sheet, entering into the Italian market, and opening up its business to multiple distribution channels.

Since then, MEDVIDA Partners has continued acquiring and consolidating life insurance portfolios.