3 January, 2023

MEDVIDA appoints Jaime Kirkpatrick as managing director of CNP Partners

Madrid, 3rd January 2023.- MEDVIDA has appointed Jaime Kirkpatrick as Managing Director of CNP Partners, which has been renamed MEDVIDA Partners, having completed the purchase of 100% of the company on 29th December 2022.

Jaime Kirkpatrick joined MEDVIDA in September last year to prepare for the integration and business transformation of CNP Partners. Jaime was previously Deputy Managing Director of Transformation at Mutua Madrileña, and previously Director of Bancassurance and CEO of Aegon Spain.

Antonio Trueba, CEO of MEDVIDA, said, “We are counting on Jaime’s experience in business management and transformation to lead the company in the operational and commercial challenges we have set for ourselves.”

Antonio Trueba will join the board of MEDVIDA Partners as CEO.

MEDVIDA affirms its commitment to the development of MEDVIDA Partners’ activity. It will invest substantial resources in the short term to modernize IT and improve operational efficiency and customer service.

The transaction marks an important milestone for MEDVIDA in its long-term strategy to grow and consolidate life insurance businesses in Europe. The insurer will double the size of its balance sheet to manage total investments of more than 4 billion euros in Spain and Italy.

Professional career

Jaime Kirkpatrick, the new CEO of MedVida Partners, is a highly experienced professional with a notable career in the Spanish insurance sector. He began his professional career at McKinsey & Company (1996-2004), where he became a Senior Associate and where he managed, in different sectors, multiple strategy, organisation and operations projects in Spain, Latin America and Morocco.

In 2004 he was appointed Director of Bancassurance at Aegon Spain, and then as the CEO from 2011 to 2018. In this role, he steered the restructuring of the company’s bancassurance agreements driven by widespread banking consolidation in Spain, and launched a number of initiatives associated with the company’s growth.

In 2018, Jaime Kirkpatrick joined Mutua Madrileña group as Deputy Managing Director of Transformation, where he was responsible for transformation of the group’s insurance and wealth management businesses, and the launch of the company’s activities in sustainable mobility.

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